6000 PuffS Power In A Soda Can?

A good design

Vape designers have been thinking of various new designs that appeal to the taste of the user base. A design should ideally capture the attention, pique the interest and make it desirable to a person. One such vape design is that of the Voltbar disposable vape. It has a unique appeal, eye-catching color range and mouth watering combination of flavors.

A new product addition

Inspired by the Voltbar pod device, combining all the elements and embodying the spirit, we have come up with a vape ecig – Huajin W06. To start with, the W06 has an eye-catching style similar to that of the Voltbar pod. The design is sure to catch the attention of the young crowd.

Volt Bar Disposable Vape (1)

The features

The vape pod is not only standing out in terms of its styling but also in its features. The big 12mL tank can kick out around 6000 puffs! For an average smoker, this should last around 2 month or more (depending on the average number of drags per day). It also has a coil of 1 ohm, which suits if you are using high nic salt e liquid. The e liquids are available in the range from 0% to 6% nicotine.

Easily customizable

When it comes to flavors, you can bet on us that we’ll deliver. With 100+ flavor options available like, cool mint, grape ice, watermelon ice, cola ice etc you can choose the flavors suitable for your customers. More than that you can customize the design and packaging too (depending on the order size).

We have just touched on the basic features of this vape here. For more details on the product and to know more about Whitefog vapes, feel free to contact us at lily@whitefog.cn or ring / text to +86 132 49 820 612. Happy vaping.