How do I know if my disposable vape is empty and its time to replace with a new one

Disposable Vape stick are the best way to get started with vaping. They are easy to carry, less expensive, have nearly unlimited flavors and no maintenance (you just dispose of them responsibly once they are done). Our range of disposables have their liquid capacity mentioned on them and the number of puffs that can be taken. Generally, the rule of thumb is that you can take anywhere between 150 to 200 drags per mL of vape juice. It depends on how much you inhale per drag that determines the total puffs out of a disposable.

The major components of a vape pod pen are the battery, the heating coil and the vape juice. How the vape works is that the battery powers up the heating coil while you take a drag, which then atomizes the vape juice resulting in a thick cloud of smoke. If any of these parts fails to work individually or in tandem, then the vape won’t produce the smoke.

The advantages of the disposable vape pen kit are also its demerits. You can’t refill them once vape juice gets over or if there is an issue with the coil. But there are certain indicators that give you hints if you need to get your hands on a new one since you are about to be done with your current disposable.

There is no vapor

If there is enough battery, then after taking a few drags your device should be heating up a little. If you feel that the vapor is getting thin and it stops and the device is not heating up, this means you have run out of battery. Try to recharge your battery (if it’s a disposable vape with a rechargeable battery) and this should help with the issue.

The vapor has a burnt taste

If there is no vape juice, but the battery has charge, then it activates the heating coil when you take a drag. This results in dry burning of the coil which produces burnt smoke. If you experience a burnt taste when trying to vape, on your considerably used disposable vape, it means you are out of vape juice.

The vapor becomes thin and flavorless

The thick clouds are formed when the liquid filled coil gets heated and atomises the vape juice. The drags when e-juice is ample will have good flavor as well. But, towards the end of its capacity, the e-juice doesn’t coat the coil as much as it used to, resulting in thin vapes. So when you take a drag and the vapes are thin and less flavorful than before, it is a good indicator that it’s time to replace your current disposable vape with a new one.

The vapor is not produced, but battery works

When you take a drag, the sensor activates and the batter is powered on. This results in the coil heating up and you can possibly feel that. But if you can sense the heat but if the vapor is not produced, then it could be an indication that the vape juice is over. You might even get a metallic taste in your mouth. This is the coil heating up without juice. Afterwards there won’t be any heat indication of the vape when taking drags. If you experience this and you have been using your vape for a while, then it’s an indication that you need to change it.

We at whitefog create vapes out of the best quality materials for battery and coil, that ensures that you have a good vaping experience as long you still have the vape juice in your device. The rigorous quality check ensures that our vapes last the recommended puffs we mention in our products. For more information on the quality check processes or general enquiry on the process feel free to contact us at +86 13 24 98 20 612 or drop in an email to . Happy vaping!

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