How to use a disposable vape properly

How use the vape properlyAre you new to the world of Vaping? or Are you bored with the regular cumbersome mods and want to experiment with different flavours? Then disposable vapes are a go-to option for you without shelling out too much from your pocket. Choosing a vape to start the habit of vaping could be a complex decision especially when you have little knowledge about vaping. So, disposable vapes could be that less risky low-cost alternative that you are looking for to kickstart your vaping journey.

What is a Disposable Vape?

Flavored nicotine vape pens or disposable Vapes are handheld electronic devices that are compact in size. They are non-rechargeable and come with a pre-filled e-liquid. The e-liquid can’t be refilled and there is also no provision to replace the coil present in the device. As the name suggests they are disposed off once the e-liquid inside the device gets exhausted or when the battery dies off.

As mentioned, disposable vapes are an affordable option to start vaping especially for those who people who are trying to quit smoking. It is also one of the easiest methods of vaping as you don’t have to worry about managing the settings in your complex device thus providing a smoother experience of vaping.

How to use a disposable Vape?

The disposable vapes consist of a battery that powers the coil inside the device which in turn vaporises the e-liquid. The user simply needs to inhale the vapours as they arise out of the device.

To use a disposable Vape properly follow these steps:

1. Simply take out the Disposable Vape from its Package
2. Check if there is any activation button present, if yes then turn it on.
3. To start with, slowly inhale the vapours coming out through the mouthpiece.
4. Gently exhale the vapours enjoying the overall experience.
5. Repeat the process by adjusting the intake of fumes as required.

It is generally advisable, to begin with smaller doses of fumes so that you adjust to the new habit of vaping and also test the body’s tolerance. If you start with longer draws, it might lead to uneasiness making the overall experience terrible eventually leading to quitting vaping altogether. Slowly you can increase the length of each draws as you become comfortable with the process

How to choose the right Disposable Vape?

It can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right type of Disposable Vape if you are a novice in Vaping.
The following are a few pointers to keep in mind while choosing the right vape for you:

1. Choosing the right brand as different brands offer different variety and quality stuff.
2. The number of Puffs the vapes offers as disposable vapes will have a limit.
3. If possible, test the vape for its functioning immediately after buying to avoid paying up for a faulty device.
4. Carry out a bit of research on online forums and communities about vaping.

How to store a Disposable Vape?

Disposable Vape should be stored properly for it to be used for a prolonged period. The Vapes should be kept in an upright position to avoid any kind of blockage or leakage. They should be kept in a safe place at room temperature away from light to preserve the flavours.

What if the disposable pen is not working?

Though very rare, you might encounter a few issues as listed below with your disposable vapes.

1. The device is turned off due to a lack of experience in vaping. Simply turn it on to draw the fumes.
2. There might have been some blockage due to improper handling of the device.
3. If no more fumes arise after continued use, chances are that the battery has been fully discharged and it’s time for disposing of the vape.
4. Improper treatment or storage of the device may cause it to fall leading to damage.

Is disposable vape safe to use?

Disposable Vapes is a much safer alternative to smoking. Unlike smoking, it does not produce either tar or carbon monoxide which are considered detrimental to human health. Multiple studies have shown that using disposable vapes for a prolonged period is an effective method in quitting smoking. There are non nicotine.