Nicotine Levels in E juice

nicotine level for e cigarette

Nicotine, as we all know, is the main compound in vape that gives a person the feeling of smoking – raised alertness, euphoria and a sensation of being relaxed. It also produces wakeful feeling due to an increase in norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter secreted from adrenal gland. Nicotine also reduces anxiety by increasing the levels of beta endorphins. But the other side of it are the withdrawal symptoms – cravings, a sense of emptiness, anxiety, depression, moodiness, irritability and difficulty focusing and paying attention.

While using vapes, it’s very essential to choose the right nicotine concentration as per your requirement to have a good vaping experience. If you are not getting enough nicotine as your body needs, then it’ll result in craving and tendency to go back to smoking. If it’s high, then it results in bad experiences like harsh throat hits and a general overall unpleasant feeling. Finding the optimum is the key.

On average the amount of nicotine found in cigarettes is around 10-14mg from which the absorption to the bloodstream is around 1 to 1.5 mg. Initially the juices weren’t that effective in giving good absorption rates, but currently they are good enough to give absorption between 35% to 72%. The recommended level depends on your smoking levels prior to shifting to vapes. For instance, if you used to smoke a pack a day, which is 20 cigarettes, you’d get the same results by smoking close to 1ml of 30 mg/ml juice which is around 250 puffs. We’d suggest WX-02 from our range which will last you about 3000 puffs or 10-12 days at this rate.

A rough guide suggested by an industry benchmark manufacturer is as follows:

Nicotine Strength Throat hit Smoking habit Ideal strength for
0 mg / 0% Ultra smooth For people who want to quit nicotine completely -who wants to practise vape tricks

– people weaning off from higher nicotine strengths to reduce usage

– non smokers who wants to try flavours

3 mg / 0.3% Light throat and generally smooth Casual smokers and people who smokes less than half a pack a day -For sub ohm devices

-People who tend to chain vape

6 mg / 0.6% Medium throat hit For moderate smokers who smokes half a pack a day -A balanced in nicotine strength and throat hit intensity

-Easily adjust strength by volume intake/drag

12 mg / 1.2% Strong throat hit For moderate smokers who smokes more than half a pack -Good throat hit

-Similar mouth to lung hit as a cigarette.

35 mg / 3.5% Strong throat hit Heavy smokers who smokes upto a pack -Instant nicotine rush as a cigarette.

-smoother throat hit if using nic salt based juice

50 mg / 5.0% Very strong throat hit Heavy smokers who smokes atleast a pack -Instant nicotine rush as a cigarette.

-smoother throat hit if using nic salt based juice

We at Whitefog can provide you disposable vapes in bulk with all the above mentioned nicotine level e juice across all the models that can be customized as per your user base.

You can also create your own private label vape as we have printing and customisation capabilities for your custom branding and packaging requirements. Feel free to contact us for more details.