B5 350mAh Auto Draw 510 CBD Vape Pen Battery

These are mostly suitable for subtle and easy vaping on-the-go, B5 Slim Battery provides a slim body and buttonless feature. The battery works when you inhale from the chamber, which swiftly heats your preferred waxy oil that makes a fine original botanical vapor. It comes with universal threading, which makes it tremendously unique as the sleek Battery can operate with any kind of 510-thread chamber or cartridge.

B5′ Slim 510 Battery is a robust device, handy in size, which comes with 350mAh li-ion battery which is rechargeable. Battery’s cherry end is equipped with LEDs that brighten up when inhaled or blinks when it requires charging. It does not have any kind of button that activates it, simply inhale to start vaping your preferred vape oil. To charge the B5 Slim Battery a USB charger is given that can easily charge the device.


  • 510 Universal threading which well-matched with all 510 Cartridge
  • 350mAh Battery of Auto Draw, Inhale activated, buttonless technology
  • Built-in LED indicator
  • Ultimate handy
  • Included with USB Charger
  • Various battery colors


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