The Most Popular E-cigarette In 2022-Bottle Bar

1. Original appearance of disposable vapes

As a new type of smoking tool, disposable electronic cigarettes are gradually replacing traditional paper cigarettes. In the past few years, disposable vapes pen have developed rapidly, more and more disposable electronic cigarette brands have appeared. In order to Make people have a greater desire to buy, and attract people’s attention, the design of electronic cigarettes is becoming more and more rich.

In order to let people believe that the electronic cigarette can help them quit smoking, and it not only can satisfy people’s cigarette habit but also reduce the harm to health, the first disposable electronic cigarette is to imitate the real cigarette. And this disposable cigarette are designed with the same slender shape as real cigarettes. it can be discarded after vaping liquid is consumed, which is very convenient. Disposable vapes of this design were all the rage.

But with the popularity of electronic cigarettes, people’s acceptance of electronic cigarettes is getting higher, so more disposable vape pod appearances have appeared.

2. The most popular appearance of disposable vapes In 2022

In 2022, an disposable vape that looks like a cola bottle drink is coming. It is very popular especially in Malaysia. Its shape is like a slender Coke bottle, and the cigarette mouth is made of straws, which is very creative and funny.

3. Brand Volt Bar

Many disposables brands have used this look in 2022, such as the volt bar. This is the first e-cigarette brand to use the shape of a beverage bottle. It’s 6000 Puffs and it is a Malaysian E-Cigarette specially produced to suits the Malaysian taste buds with rich aromas and delicious flavors.

Volt Bar created in 2022, introducing Voltbar disposable pod and it’s rechargeable with 6000 puffs. With a unique and eye-catching design, with the best technology that create the best experience while vaping. A combination of various fresh fruits and creamy flavors from our viral Voltbar , that provide satisfaction and addiction with every single puff.

The Volt bar Disposable E-Cig contains 15.0 mL of nicotine salt e-juice and offers recharging via the bottom USB-Type C port, equipped with 1,300mah rechargeable battery. It brings smooth and bold flavor through its mesh coil design. It features a draw-activation firing mechanism and provides both a flavorful and smooth vaping experience. Users can expect roughly 6000 puffs per device and the mouthpiece of this cool disposable pod is like a straw – with a open airway and airflow. It also comes with a cool rubber top cap to prevent the liquid from drying out.

Below is volt bar’s hot flavors:

▪ Mango Peach
▪ Cola
▪ Juicy Peach
▪ Sakura Grape
▪ Strawberry Mango
▪ Strawberry Kiwi
▪ Mango Grape
▪ Grape Apple
▪ Watermelon Lychee
▪ Watermelon Strawberry
▪ Energy Drink
▪ Mix Fruit
▪ Strawberry Ice Cream
▪ Raybina
▪ Aloe Vera Grape
▪ Milk Cereal
▪ Lemon Tart
▪ Apple Tobacco
▪ Chocolate Mint
▪ Strawberry Banana
▪ Cappucino Coffee
▪ Strawberry Grape
▪ Vanilla Ice Cream
▪ Custard Ice Cream
▪ Cookies & Cream
▪ Strawberry Candy
▪ White Choco Strawberry

4. Brand AE Bar

The unique shape made the Volt bar a great success, and this shape has been seen by more and more brands. Many brands have made some changes on the basis of this shape, and AE is one of them.

AE bar 6000 puffs disposable with unique design, amazing flavors and top quality. Differet from volt bar, AE do many difference puffs for this shape.

6000 Puffs Product Specifications:

Liquid Capacity: 15ml

Puffs: Up To 6000 Puffs

Charging Port: Type-c

Salt Nic:0%/ 2%/ 3%/ 5%

Battery: 600mah Rechargeable Battery

Resistance: 1.20 Mesh Coil


AE Bar mini 600 puffs Product Specifications:

Liquid Capacity: 2ml

Puffs: Up To 800 Puffs

Salt Nic:0%/ 2%/ 3%/ 5%

Battery: 500mah Battery

Resistance: 1.60 Mesh Coil


AE Bar Max 8000 puffs Product Specifications:

Liquid Capacity: 18ml

Puffs: Up To 8000 Puffs

Charging Port: Type-c

Salt Nic:0%/ 2%/ 3%/ 5%

Battery: 600mah Rechargeable Battery

Resistance: 1.20 Mesh Coil


The appearance design of these three electronic cigarettes is similar, but the size is different, and the capacity of the e-liquid and the batter are different, the taste and feeling are the same.

5. Whitefog Customization Service

Whitefog is also can do this shape, and can custom the size/color/pattern/nicotine level/flavor/package etc. Whitefog doesn’t do our own brand, we only help other brands to build their brands.

Now, let me show you the features of our bottle vape.

Our Bottle bar is prefilled with 12ml vape e liquid of 0%-6% nicotine strength(you can custom the nicotine level as your request). Powered by 600mAh built-in battery that is rechargeable, you’ll be able to enjoy up to 6000 puffs per unit, which gives you opportunities to experience an accurate taste and cause every last one to tingle like never before, being on a whole new level of happiness. And our bar bottle feature a mesh coil which is known for its good flavor and long-lasting lifespan, It continually delivers the flavor that is just as good as new. You wouldn’t wanna miss it out.

For the bottle surface, you can do matte effect such as paint oil, or do pattern sticker just like Volt bar. Our Factory Supports a wide variety of crafts.

About box package, our designer can do art craft as your demand.

The whole OEM process is about 5-7 days.

1-3 days: Confirm the brand name, the quantity, and the flavor. Our designer do a early box package version.

3-5 days: sample of pipes design and box sample will be ready.

5.-7 days: all details will be confirmed , start to make bulk order.

So if you want to custom your brands with this Cola bar bottle shape, just contact with us! Waiting for you inquiry.