The Tiger is Prancing from around the Corner – Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese Lunar New year or the Spring Festival, as its commonly known, is the biggest festive time in China. This year’s New year falls on February 1st 2022 – Tuesday. There are 15 days of festivities which goes on till February 15th 2022 – Wednesday. It’s the time of  the year when we meet our families and rejoice the goodtimes from the yesteryear and feel hopeful about the coming one.

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According to Chinese traditions, the festival was a time to honor our deities and ancestors. Chinese New year has a known history of 3000 years. There are many legends associated with the event. A popular one is that of the mythical beast Nian. It is said that the monster Nian came to raid the villages at night during this time and would destroy or devour anything that it sees. One day an old man appeared in front of the villagers and promised to avenge Nian for its deeds. The old man set red paper all around the village and burst firecrackers at night, which is believed to have driven away Nian.

Every year is associated with an animal sign from the Chinese horoscope which consists of 12 animals – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. This year is the year of the Tiger. It symbolizes ferocity, bravery and intelligence.

Most of us here in China go for our Spring festival break from 24 January 2022 till 8th February 2022. We will be busy visiting our family and friends, eating our hearts out, relaxing, reflecting and reminiscing about the last year – the year of ox. It will be a bit difficult to process orders during this time, not just with us but with all the Vape manufacturers across the country. So we request you to place your expected sales orders for March-April at least a few days before the Chinese New Year (preferably  before 26 January 2022).

In the run up to new years eve, we will be cleaning our houses and then redecorating with red lanterns and couplets. We’ll head out to visit our family and friends and share meals with them and give gifts to the younglings in a red envelope. There will be a lot of cultural activities going on like the Lion and Dragon dance and the streets will be decorated with flags, banners and all sorts of other decorations that bring in the spirit of the season.

We will be back to work from 9th February 2022 in full swing. Our motto for this year is to strive hard to make Whitefog on par with the best vape companies in the world. We know we can only achieve this by giving our best to you, so please expect the best. Thank you for being an integral part of Whitefog’s journey last year. We are grateful to have you as our customer, a part of our family.

You can wish us happy new year by saying – “sshin-nyen haoww” (which literally translates as New Year goodness) or “boo-boo gaoww-shnng” (meaning up and up – in progress). We’ll be back with new and exciting models after the Spring Festival. Let the year of the tiger be a symbol of resilience and bring us strength and courage to rebuild the world.