Tips for finding the right electronic cigarette

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing your first vape and we can understand that it can be quite overwhelming to decide which one to go for at first. But, it’s an important decision so that you stick to the process rather than getting frustrated and leave it before the switch becomes comfortable and you continue your journey of cessation. If you are a smoker or a person who has recently decided to quit, you will need an e-cigarette that can deliver the same amount of nicotine that you were used to getting from traditional cigarettes, in the initial phase.

There are many choices of vapes available in many strengths. To quit smoking, just to use an E-cigarette starter kit as a means to quit. It’s always recommended to go for a simple option like a disposable vape pen.

Essentially, disposable e-cigarettes are a simple initial solution for reducing your nicotine habit and may help you go beyond your nicotine addiction. Should you wish to continue to enjoy nicotine in a safer way more long-term, it would probably be a good idea to look into rechargeable vaping devices. These rechargeable vaping devices give you the option to choose the strength you want to vape. Our range of vapes also will also give you the option to customize your vaping experience with a choice of mind boggling flavors.

Tips for finding the right electronic cigarette

The factors that give the smoking experience is not just restricted to nicotine. It also includes the amount of smoke and the tactile experience – of holding the cigarette. Therefore it’s also very important to find a vape that feels’ right for you. It will need to meet that tactile experience as well as the way it feels to inhale the vape. Our slim range of vapes with their sleek design and round shape that fits snugly into your hands will give you a familiar experience.

One would also have a concern about the cost of the device. The device must not be very expensive that deters you from trying it out in the first place instead of cigarettes. The disposable vapes are perfect in that sense. It’s relatively inexpensive in the world of vapes, thereby easy on your pocket.

How to Choose Your First disposable vape:

When it comes to choosing your first disposable vape, it’s important to think of three parameters. Firstly, and most importantly, the level of nicotine that you’d want from your vape. You can refer to our previous blog to figure that out. Next, you’d want to choose something that fits your style and where you carry it. If you are carrying it in your pocket, it’s good to start with the smallest size vape so that you wouldn’t have that feeling of carrying something big and moving around. But, if you are carrying it in your bag, then it’s all about how you want to feel when you hold it in your hands. And finally, the flavor. Choose something that you always liked as a kid. You’d stick to the habit and not go back to cigarettes if the flavor isn’t one that you like. You can experiment with other flavors once you get used to vaping.

Vapes are a great way (and proven too) to start your cessation journey and we recommend disposable vapes as the first but important step in your journey. You can reach out to us at for more information on disposable vapes or visit our website